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Welcome To My Jeff Hardy Fan Fiction Site~
Hey Everybody~! READ THE UPDATEZ~ VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THEM!!!Stay Xtreme~ Love ya~ Nikki~~~
RECENT UPDATEZ~::~:Hey!~ Umm...this will be the LAST update I'm making for this site~I'm closing it down 4 good~ Me and (author) Ducky, are making a SO MUCH BETTER site! Itz gunna be called eXist2Inspire, so...if you have n e new chapterz or new storiez, send them 2 this email~, my last updatez are Becky posted Chapter 14 in Secretz Revealed...I posted chapterz 25 & 26 in Dreams Become Reality~I'll lat ya know when the new site iz up~we haven't got the layout might take a week or so~but do send in your chapz! Love ya~Stay Xtreme~Keep Writing~Nikki~

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Rulez for fan fiction~
My rulez are simple~~~
1~ Has to have Team Xtreme in it
2~NO rape~unless you just mention it, don't go into detailz unless itz a breif description! please!?
3~ NO slash...for those of you that don't know what slash iz...itz male/male or female/female sexual, yeah, just don't do it~

Thatz pretty much it~so, try and stay on these rulez..border least!

Any questionz about the rulez..Email me Here~

Storiez Posted~
1~ Dreams Become Reality (unfinished) By: Nikki
2~ What are the odds? (finished) By: Nikki
3~Hero (finished) By: Ducky
4~Reborn Love (finished) By: Ducky
5~Too Late (unfinished) By: Dawn
6~ True Luv (unfinished) By: Casey
7~ Secrets Revealed By: Becky (unfinished)
8~Blind Love Series:includez Blind Love and Heaven Sent (both finished) By: Sheri
9~Test Of Best Friends (finished) By: Sheri
10~Twist Of Fate Series: includez Twist of Fate, Balck Velvet, and Live For The Moment (all finished) By: Sheri
11~Twist Of Fate (unfinished) By: Ducky
I need more storiez!!! Send them to me!!!

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